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Can You Really Manifest Your Desires into Existence
Using This "Profound Formula"?
Put it to the test -- and you'll prove to yourself
that you can.

magine how your life would be if you could manifest all your desires into existence.  What if all you had to do was envision your dream house ... an ideal job or lucrative business ... perfect health ... a luxurious vacation ... a brand new car ... a fulfilling love relationship ... or anything you want  and it magically materialized in your life?

One With Energy Field     The problem is ... you could envision your desires all day long  and fuel them with emotion, gratitude, focused thought, affirmations and all the other law of attraction techniques  and still never manifest your desires into existence.  


rare for you to succeed in manifesting your desires when you're following the Law of Attraction or standard manifestation principles.  That's because the manifestation techniques  as currently taught by self-development teachers  simply do NOT work.

Why The Law of Attraction Fails -- and What Does Work?

Standard manifestation principles and Law of Attraction techniques are insufficient for manifesting thoughts and desires into physical existence.  They employ a hit-or-miss methodology that produces an overwhelming number of misses compared to hits.

     For every individual that has reportedly "succeeded" in manifesting what they desired by using the current hit-or-miss methodology of the Law of Attraction, I can show you at least 1,000 who have not manifested their desires into their lives.  That's a 0.1% success rate  or conversely, a 99.9% failure rate!

     Question:  How many times have you tried to manifest your desires using the current methodology?  How many times have you vividly visualized your desires ... supported those desires with elevated emotions, positive affirmations, a vision board, and gratitude ... constantly focused on what you want and not what you don't want ... or did all the manifestation rituals you've been taught to do?  

     How well did that work for you?  More to the point:  H
ow many times did you fail to manifest your desires?

     I know it's PAINFUL to experience failure after failure.  You end up becoming so disillusioned that you give up trying to manifest altogether.  Or ... you try to accomplish your desires by doing things the hard way.

     The hard way is the use of determination  which entails hard work, struggle, sacrifice, or some other form of force.

     For example, suppose your desire is to have $100,000 in a savings or investment account.  The natural thing is for you to take action on that desire — by juggling three jobs, budgeting your money, skipping vacations and unnecessary luxuries, etc.— until you eventually accomplish your desire of having $100,000 after several years.

     That’s not manifestation at work.  That’s simply determination to accomplish a goal.  And it requires great effort or force to make it happen.
     Real manifestation, on the other hand, is a phenomenon that happens when you envision yourself as already having a particular desired result — and suddenly, ideal opportunities, people, resources, circumstances, events and situations that contribute to that desired result manifest themselves without any prompting.  It requires no force to make this happen, but relies instead on a power greater than yourself.

  Manifestation, at its very essence, is effortless creation  the process of achieving that which you desire ... with little or no hard work.

     But what if you could change your odds so that your chance of succeeding went from 0.1% to 100%?  How might that change your life?

     If you're interested in changing the likelihood of manifesting your desires from "Slim Chance" to "Sure Bet' ... this 
may be the most important article you'll ever read.  

     You're about to to discover the "missing secret" behind manifestation and Law of Attraction practices that no one is talking about.  This missing secret 
what I refer to as the "profound formula" will make the process of materializing your desires a certainty, not just something merely hoped for.  It will also allow you to experience a sense of euphoria  as though you already have what you want to manifest in your life even before it actually manifests into existence! 

How I Discovered the Powerful Principle that Can Transform Your Life

I'm Carnelian Sage.  When I turned 52, I realized to my great dismay that my life up to that point was quite unremarkable.  I didn't have a real career because I had spent the last 28 years hopping from one job to another.  I had a total of 21 jobs, never spending more than 2 years in any one of them.

     Although I somehow managed to always earn decent wages, I desperately tried to convince people that I was more prosperous than I really was.  In reality, compared to other people my age, I was a low net-worth, middle-aged individual.  I felt like a flunkee ... I was still renting and didn't own any real property.  I was the only one among my 7 siblings who didn't yet own a single-family house, a townhouse or even a condo.  My 16-year marriage had ended in divorce, and I was flitting from one unfulfilling relationship to the next.  If anyone was ever in greater need of manifesting their desires into reality, it was me.

     The worst part was ... I didn't know how to get myself out of the rut I had made of my life.

     In 2006, I bought all the law of attraction books I could get my hands on, and went full-speed in my effort to change my life for the better — all to no avail.  Just like everyone else I knew who had tried to practice the law of attraction, I failed to manifest anything of real value — no matter how hard I tried.

Consciousness    I accidentally stumbled upon the "greatest manifestation principle" in 2007 when I attended a lecture given by an individual whom I consider to be one of the most deeply spiritual individuals I have ever encountered.  The lecture was not about manifestation but rather about spiritual truths that can be applied to our everyday lives. 

     One of the spiritual truths he revealed struck a chord in me.  It was so profound in its simplicity, and yet wielded more power than anything I could imagine.  I began to wonder whether it was the secret to manifesting one’s desires.  

     What I didn't know then was ... I was about to have the most transformative and exhilarating experience of my life.

     I began to practice the spiritual truth (which I refer to as "the greatest manifestation principle in the world").  This  enabled me to connect to the quantum field 
that turns desires from their unformed potentiality to actualization.  Soon thereafter, my life became a series of spectacularly miraculous events. 

     This is the very definition of spiritual alchemy.  It's the power to turn one's innermost desires into reality 
not unlike the medieval science of alchemy, which transmuted base metals into gold.

     Ever since I discovered and started practicing this profound principle, here are just a few of the astonishing things that I've been able to manifest into my life effortlessly:

  In July 2008, while trying to help my sister, Beth (and her household of 8) rise above her dire financial straits, I experienced an epiphany of sorts as a result of practicing  the greatest manifestation principle daily.  This epiphany prompted me to write a book about a natural healing therapy that I had heard about in January 2008.  My desire was to market the book online and hopefully make modest profits, which would enable my sister to at least feed her family and pay for utilities.  

One-Minute Cure     Within 5 weeks of the book idea first dawning on me, I had finished writing a 113-page book titled The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases, which became available for sale online in August 2008.  

     Earnings from the book
went from $600 in August 2008 ... to $2,100 in September ...  to $13,000 in October  and skyrocketed to to $246,000 in April 2009!  That same month, the book became the No. 1 Amazon bestseller in the Health, Body and Mind category for the first of 15 times.  By July 2009, the book hit the milestone of generating cumulative sales of $1 million!  

     The success of the book enabled me to save Beth's family from losing their house and becoming destitute, homeless and hungry
and began the cascade of financial windfalls in  my own life.  (See full story on pp. 6-9 of The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World 2nd Edition)

Beverly Hills 90210In 2009, I was still living in a rented apartment when an opportunity for me to purchase a house presented itself.  The problem was that my credit score (FICO�) was not that good  it was below 600.  I was sure I would not qualify for the jumbo loan it required to buy the house I wanted  nor could I come up with the $350,000 required down payment.  

     But "all the stars lined up" as a result of my practice of the greatest manifestation principle.  Not only did I get approved for the jumbo loan, but the down payment I needed just suddenly appeared 
seemingly out of thin air.   This enabled me to purchase my very first house in 2010 — a mid-century modern house with floor-to-ceiling glass windows in prestigious Beverly Hills, California.  I still remember how surreal it felt to move from a modest apartment in midtown Los Angeles to a house in the most famous zip code in the world 90210!  The best part was ... I also manifested a way to pay off the mortgage in full a few years later.   (See full story on pp. 10-11 of The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World 2nd Edition)

A $17,000 Miracle in 7 Days - In March 2009, my mother’s house was in dire need of roof repairs.  The 48-year-old house was in decrepit shape  and whenever it rained, buckets were placed all over the house to catch the water seeping through the holes in the roof.  A roofing contractor told me that if the roof wasn’t fixed immediately, the next time a storm comes, it would come crashing down on its occupants — my mother, my sister and her family of five—and probably kill all of them!  

     When asked how much it would cost to fix the roof, the roofing contractor said that it would cost $17,000.00.  That was an amount that neither I nor my siblings had in our cash reserves at the time.  

     I practiced the greatest manifestation principle and prayed for a way to solve this dilemma.  The very next day, something happened that seemed to come like a bolt out of the blue.  I received an e-mail from an advertising sales rep, asking if I’d be interested in advertising The One-Minute Cure book in their e-newsletter.  I felt that the ad cost of $6,500 was quite steep, but something inside me felt that this was a message from the field of Infinite Potentiality — that could potentially be the answer to my prayer.  

Mama's House      So I decided to move ahead with the advertising, and paid for the $6,500 ad using a credit card.  The next day, the e-newsletter ad promoting The One-Minute Cure book was deployed.  Sales of the book began to come in, and 7 days later, the net profits totaled $17,000 — the exact amount my mother needed to have her roof fixed!  If that’s not a manifestation miracle, I don’t know what is!

     My mother used the $17,000 to have her roof fixed.  Two weeks after the roof repair was done, the biggest typhoon to hit the city in 20 years came down with a vengeance.  There was no doubt that my mom's house would have crumbled beneath the weight of that typhoon — had her roof not been repaired in the nick of time.  Needless to say, my mother’s house — and the lives of everyone who lived under her roof — were saved, thanks to the greatest manifestation principle!
(See full story on pp. 69-72 of The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World 2nd Edition)

In 2010, as I continued to practice the greatest manifestation principle, I was able to start a second company, which marketed anti-aging skincare products; as well as a third company marketing a line of organic nutritional supplements.  Between 2010 through 2015, the 3 companies I owned were each generating millions of dollars in revenue.  While these 3 business enterprises were making millions of dollars in sales, I made it a personal mission to give away between 60% to 75% of my annual income to family members, friends, charities, and people who I felt could use a helping hand.  Because I practiced the greatest manifestation principle assiduously, without ceasing, the money I gave away kept coming back to me ten-fold or more.  The more I gave, the more I received!  (See full story on page 72 of The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World 2nd Edition)

Tesla Model SIn 2014, my trusty second-hand car, which I had been driving for 16 years (with 235,000 miles on the odometer!) broke down.  This  unfortunate event turned out to be fortuitous as a result of my daily practice of the greatest manifestation principle.  It allowed me to own the car of my dreams ...  a Tesla Model S, all-electric five-door liftback in metallic silver.  It cost 6 figuresmore than 3X the cost of any car I previously ownedbut worth every penny for the joy it is to drive!  

     So I ditched my 16-year-old clunker and drove my dream car home.  I felt like a million bucks!  And the best part about owning this zero-emission electric car is that it helps me save the planet!  

In February 2016, a motivated business buyer from Arizona appeared out of nowhere, and expressed an interest in buying my fledgling nutritional supplement company, which I had just started less than 3 years earlier.  He offered a purchase price of $6,200,000 ($6.2 million)  an offer I couldn't refuse!  So we sealed the deal, and I came away with a "set-for-life" amount of money that assured me that I would never have to work another day in my life again --  unless I wanted to.  (See full story on pp. 11 of The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World 2nd Edition)

Summerlin HouseIn February 2020, again as a direct result of my practice of the greatest manifestation principle, I was able to acquire a house that's 3 times the size of my house in Beverly Hills  and much more beautiful.  It's a 9-bedroom Mediterranean-style house with a dramatic chandeliered foyer and curved staircase, cathedral ceilings, a pillared portico at the grand entrance, and a resort-style backyard with lagoon pool.  The house is located in a lakeside gated community in an upscale enclave of Summerlin, Nevada.  This is the dream house I've always wanted -- and I was fortunate to be able to purchase it in cash.  

     The financial windfalls that have come into my life as a result of my consistent practice of the greatest manifestation principle are so numerous that they could fill an entire book.  Over the past 14 years, I have also had the good fortune of traveling the world and enjoying luxurious vacations with friends and family ... sponsoring the high school and college education of nieces and nephews (since I have no children of my own), and financially supporting many family members and loved ones who suffered massive financial losses or were were on the brink of poverty in recent years.  

     Lest you think that all the blessings I received had something to do with money, property or material things, that is not so.  
The fortuitous circumstances that have happened to me over the last 14 years have included miraculous healings ... broken relationships mended ... a deeper spiritual connection with God ... and more love, joy, peace and contentment than I ever thought possible.  

Manifested Desire     I wake up every morning so thankful that I’m literally living a dream come true — the very best life I could ever have wished for myself!

     The best part is that the endless string of good fortune continues to this day.  For example, The One-Minute Cure book continues to bring in 5-figure profits a month  even though I hardly promote or advertise the book at all.  As of the time of this writing, The One-Minute Cure has generated more than $7 million in cumulative revenue since it was first launched in 2008!

     If the story of how I manifested my heart's desires inspires you, then I feel gratified because I know that your practice of the greatest manifestation principle will lead you to effortlessly create your best life, too.  Not just what most people regard as one's "best life" — but rather, what you regard as your best life.

     Now, imagine how you would feel if you woke up in the morning and realized that you have everything you've ever wanted—in perfect balance—and that your life is filled with good fortune, joy, peace, love, health and well-being, wealth, self-realization, and a feeling of being complete, lacking nothing.  

     If you like the feeling of living your best life, you can begin the process of effortless creation today by practicing the "profound formula" that is the greatest manifestation principle.

  Beyond Anything You Can Think, Ask for, or Imagine

"When you practice the greatest manifestation principle, "The outcome you get may be different from what you had in mind, but it will be infinitely better than that which you desired."  
See page 64 of The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World

Own This Book

The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World

wrote the first edition of the book titled The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World in 2007.  As soon as it was published, I received countless e-mails and letters from readers reporting remarkable stories of desires manifesting into reality through the use of the greatest manifestation principle revealed in the book.  You can read dozens of their stories below.  Many readers are convinced that the principle I reveal in the book is the blueprint for answered prayer.  

     I've also since discovered the 4 major mistakes people make which cause them to fail to manifest their desires 
and how to correct those mistakes so they can finally achieve success.  

     The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World is the first book that removes the blindfold from the world's current understanding of the Law of Attraction and the process of manifestation  and reveals the true power behind it so that people can finally experience spectacular and consistent results from it.  The Second Edition includes an indispensable section which discusses why some people manifest their heart’s desires— but most don't.  It provides concrete methodology for removing the blocks that have been keeping you from manifesting successfully. 

     When you read The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World, you will . . .

Discover the infallible way to utilize both quantum physics and spirituality to make the materialization of your desires a certainty not just something merely hoped for

GMP bookLearn how to employ spiritual alchemy  the simple, yet profound formula which takes your innermost desires from their unformed potentiality to physical existence.  This works every time, almost without fail.  

Learn the foolproof technique for eliminating the barriers that have been keeping you from successfully manifesting all the good things in life

Instantly elevate your emotional state from low-frequency destructive levels to high-frequency creative levels that are the most conducive conditions for manifesting your desires into existence

Notice that the right people and the ideal resources, opportunities, relationships and circumstances just magically appear in your life without any effort from you

Harness the most powerful creative force in the universe that attracts miraculously wonderful things to you that are often greater than your desires

Spontaneously behave in ways that enable you to naturally lose excess weight, eliminate procrastination, get rid of mental obsessions or addictions, resolve marital and personal relationship problems  and rise above any and all human dilemmas

Discover how to heal yourself spontaneously of an ailment, disease or illness and bring yourself to a state of perfect well-being

Achieve vibrant health, abundant prosperity, and fulfilling relationships

Learn how to make others feel energized, feel better about themselves, be more loving and at peace with the world just by being in your vicinity

Neutralize destructive cellular memories and wrong beliefs that sabotage the manifestation of your desires

. . . and enter the realm of indescribable bliss where miracles become everyday occurrences.

Time-Sensitive Free GiftWhen you purchase this book today, you will also receive the following bonus:

An mp3 download of 
The Greatest Manifestation Principle's 2-Part
Audio Companion
to the Love's Pathway Exercise

MP3 icon     * Track 1:  An audio introduction to the Love's Pathway exercise that's at the core of the greatest manifestation principle.  This introduction instructs you on when to practice, what to expect when you do this exercise 
 and why the Guided Meditation could be the most transformative and exhilarating experience of your life, when done daily.  

Length:  5 minutes (You only need to listen to this track once -- before you do the guided meditation on Track 2 for the very first time.)

Guided Meditation     * Track 2A Guided Meditation that leads you through the steps of the powerful Love's Pathway exercise.  This saves you from having to remember or memorize the procedures from the book.  All you do is just follow along as the audio guides you through the sublime weightlessness of pure bliss ... and you dissolve into a oneness with the field where you can take anything you desire from formless to concrete expression.  For a deeper meditative experience, listen to this guided meditation with stereo headphones or earbuds.  

Length:  12 minutes (Listen to this track at least once or twice a day, especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night.)

Own This Book

"One of the best books written about the Law of Attraction -- really a masterpiece."

     "Awesome read!!!  I've spent the last few years reading all the books written about the Law of Attraction and this gem of a book fills in all the gaps that so many of the others leave out.  It's a simple read  took me a few hours, but don't underestimate its simplicity.  The author's fascination with the Law of Attraction, quantum field and intention to manifestation principle really comes through.

     "This author is intelligent and extremely thorough.  I highly recommend this book and am grateful to the author for producing this masterpiece.  And yes, it really is a masterpiece.  If you're practicing the principles of the Law of Attraction and not getting the results you want, I can tell you why right now.  It's because you haven't read this book!!!
David Margolis, New York, NY

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hat which you want to manifest is already within you — and it’s already connected to the field of all possibilities.  The only thing keeping you from manifesting is the presence of a lower level of consciousness that is diametrically opposed to the greatest manifestation principle.  This sabotages your efforts to manifest your desires into reality.

Treasure Chest     Once you discover the profound formula for elevating your consciousness to the level that's conducive to manifesting your desires into existence -- the feeling is akin to opening a treasure chest that's filled with everything you want in life.
     Individuals of great accomplishment throughout human history have invariably aligned themselves with the greatest manifestation principle.  The same is true of individuals who have been miraculously healed of lingering 
and even terminal  illnesses.  Somewhere along the way, they hooked up with the greatest manifestation principle usually without knowing it  and that principle is what caused the desire to materialize.

     Conversely, individuals who fail to manifest their desires are unsuccessful because they do not activate the power of this manifestation principle. Visualizing and affirming your desires without adding the manifestation principle to the equation is akin to building a rocket that does not have sufficient propulsion to catapult it into space.

     Once you discover the greatest manifestation principle in the world and begin to apply it … it completes the recipe for manifestation  and your desires can and must necessarily manifest into existence.
     I'm certain you realize by now that the life-changing information in The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World is something you don't want to be without.  You may even wish to give a copy to everyone you care about
I guarantee you'll make a tremendous difference in their lives.   [Click here to see quantity discounts.]

                              Carnelian Sage

P.S.  I invite you to read The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World repeatedly and often.  Simply reading a chapter, a page or even a paragraph from this book everyday will have a transformational effect.  It will make you a different person and will have a profound impact on your energy level and personal growth.  You will begin to realign yourself and stay in harmony with the realm where all things are possible.  Layers of wisdom and insights will unfold that will accelerate your ability to effortlessly attract the things you really want.  When you allow the power of the greatest manifestation principle in the world to permeate your awareness, amazing things will begin to manifest in every area of your life.  

Own This Book

"I've read this book 4 times  truly powerful!"

"I've been studying the Law of Attraction for about a year, and when I encountered The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World, it made so much sense and I truly enjoyed reading it and I've read it 4 times in the last few weeks.  Upon looking back on the successes of my life, I find that the greatest manifestation principle which this book talks about WAS the underlying factor. 

"I started life as an orphan and surmounted much in my life.  I started a company, DC Group, with $5 in my pocket and 1 employee (myself) and it has become a multimillion-dollar nationwide business poised to double in size next year.  I think my success owes itself to the fact that I touch a lot of people and endeavor to live my life the way the book teaches readers how.  I've also realized that most Law of Attraction practices, spiritual work, and rituals such as affirmations, visualization, positive thoughts and feelings are only truly powerful when infused with the greatest manifestation principle.  I've cured lifelong illnesses and traumas and created wellness in my life as a result." 
Jonathan Frank, CEO, DC Group, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota

"This book blew me away ... it's divinely inspired!"

"I have read a LOT of material about the Law of Attraction.  I've even taken classes to become a Law of Attraction practitioner.  And yet I still learned so much from The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World.  I could not put it down.  I was so blown away by this profound book!  It is so well written that I'm convinced it's divinely inspired.  It is elegant in its simplicity, and it addresses the 'elephant in the room,' namely what everyone is thinking, but no one is bold enough to say out loud  "I believe in the Law of Attraction, I've been using it, but IT'S JUST NOT WORKING FOR ME!

"This book showed me how LOA results are related to motive.  I've used LOA so many times with almost zero results, but I saw it work for me BIG TIME in four separate instances in my life.  In those four times, the spectacular results were fueled by the "greatest manifestation principle" of which this book speaks.  I'm convinced that LOA works when we are in alignment with that principle.  It can't help but work because the resulting state of being is our true nature." 
Mary Beth Spann, Shoreham, New York

"I think I've finally found the real deal!"

"I've spent the last 11 years trying to 'attract' my dreams by practicing the Law of Attraction — and I found myself still stuck in a dead-end job as a limo driver, and not getting any breaks in my acting career.  I watched The Secret DVD summer of last year, and my enthusiasm for the Law of Attraction was rekindled, even though the DVD didn't teach me anything I didn't already know.

"After going gung-ho for several months with no results, I began to wonder whether I was just kidding myself by believing in all this Law of Attraction mumbo-jumbo.  Then, I received an e-mail offering an advance copy of The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World, and I said to myself, 'I'm going to try this one last thing before giving up on the Law of Attraction forever.'  Before I was halfway through the book, I already began to see circumstances in my life change for the better.  When I finished reading the book in 5 days' time and started practicing the manifestation principle daily, Whoa!  I was shocked at how quickly my life turned around.

"I received a call from a casting agent, who cast me in a co-starring role in a major motion picture that will start shooting in a few months.  The girl I've been in love with for 2 years, who previously wouldn't reciprocate my affection, suddenly called me out of the blue, telling me she's matured enough to be my girl!  In addition, people began to show up in my life that believed in me and were willing to help me take my acting career where I want it to go.  I wondered if this was merely a coincidence.  Well, I'm not gonna question this principle because it's the only thing about the Law of Attraction that has actually helped me attract good things to myself.  I can't wait to see what else I can attract into my life by simply practicing this manifestation principle.  I think I've finally found the real deal!" — M. Petersen., Studio City, California

"All aspects of my life — finances, career
and love life — are getting better!"

"I used to be really skeptical about anything that had to do with the Law of Attraction.  I've been into positive thinking for several years, and I felt that those teaching the Law of Attraction are just pretty much saying the same old things that positive thinkers have been saying for over 20 years.  While positive thinking has its advantages and has improved my outlook in life, it certainly has rarely changed my circumstances.  It just made me a more optimistic person.  So when I started reading the new slew of books about the Law of Attraction that have come out in the last few years, I remained skeptical — until someone at work passed on a galley copy of The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World to me.  Finally, here's a book that tells it like it is — and goes well beyond positive thinking.  It removes all the 'woowoo' magic dust that seems to  predominate all the other books on the subject.  I've only had this book for 3 weeks, and yet I've already seen positive changes in me and in my circumstances.  It seems that all aspects of my life — from my finances to my career and my love life — are getting better, and opportunities for growth and advancement are suddenly plentiful." — T. Milliken, St. Paul, Minnesota

"My relationships have deepened,
and the guy I'm dating wants to marry me"

"I read Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting in early 2006 and it got me really excited about the Law of Attraction.  I began practicing the good 'feeeeeelings' that the author suggested.  Then, I came upon The Secret DVD a couple of months later and I got even more excited after hearing the wonderful things that have happened to the 'master teachers' who spoke on the DVD — one of them got a million-dollar dream house, another person healed herself of cancer, another went from broke to rich, etc.

"I began practicing the Law of Attraction faithfully for one solid year, and I have yet to manifest more than just the handful of good parking spaces that I've attracted thus far!  Just when I began to think this Law of Attraction thing was just one big bogus propaganda, I received a review copy of The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World.  Wow, did it ever spin my head around!  I realized there was a missing ingredient in my practice of the Law of Attraction, and when I started adding that missing ingredient, I was amazed at the results.

"I'm a 37-year-old single woman who's been seeking to have an enduring relationship with a man, and hopefully get married before I turn 40.  As soon as I started practicing the manifestation principle, I began meeting several interesting eligible bachelors who, surprisingly, were also romantically interested in me.  One of them, whom I've gone on 5 dates with, turned out to be a marriage-minded man who's been hinting to me that he wishes to marry me one day!  I've been dating for over 20 years and I've NEVER come this close to possibly receiving a marriage proposal.  I'm crossing my fingers!

"I find that the more I practice the manifestation principle, the more in love with me this guy seems to be.  I think I send out some kind of good vibes when I practice the principle, and I'm lovin' it!  My girlfriends have commented that they started to notice some 'alluring' quality about me — and my relationships with both women and men have deepened.  I know it has everything to do with my practice of the principle.  I can honestly say that with daily practice of the 5-minute exercise taught in the book, I'm becoming a much better person — more caring and generous — unlike the self-absorbed person I used to be before.  I've recommended this book to everyone I know!" — Susan K., Vancouver, Washington

“Absolutely Phenomenal”

"Wow!  This book is absolutely phenomenal!  It's about time someone had the courage to go against the contemporary teachings and dispel myths that are currently being taught by the Law of Attraction gurus.  The first couple of chapters ... are actually what everyone "must know" about this Law and why so many are failing miserably when attempting to apply it.  Carnelian did an excellent job presenting the information, including the missing secret, in a easy to read, logical, and simple to follow format.  I can probably write a novella review here but I will sum it up by saying that of all the courses, books, audios, and conversations I had regarding this topic, it is by far the best I ever encountered.  If you have been failing miserably in manifesting your desires, then you need this book!" — Alex Rosmondo, Verified Purchaser of The Greatest Manifestation Principle book

"The fundamental cornerstone
of co-creation and manifestation!"

"I'm one of those who's always been convinced that people who believe in the Law of Attraction are full of delusion.  It doesn't take a genius to realize that those that follow the Law of Attraction and send out positive thoughts to the universe are only fooling themselves.  I've personally never met one single person who's achieved what they positively focused on — even when they did it consistently and faithfully. 

What disgusts me even more are those so-called Law of Attraction 'gurus' that have taken advantage of the Law of Attraction craze by selling super-expensive courses, memberships to Secret Coaching Clubs, seminars and workshops.  They jump up and down and pump you up by saying how great the Law of Attraction is — and yet most of them are as poor as a mouse, and have rarely manifested their own dreams of abundance. 

"I was just about fed up with all the nonsense when I came upon a jewel of a book titled The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World.  Talk about life-changing!  This book really gets to the heart of the matter — and delves into the fundamental cornerstone of co-creation and manifestation.  Then, it gives a simple exercise that takes only a few minutes to do, and enables you to practice the principle in your daily life. 

"The book says, 'The outcome you get may be different from what you had in mind, but it will be infinitely better than that which you desired.'  This has been true in my experience, and looking back over my life, I've discovered that I've been successful whenever I practiced this principle, and unsuccessful (or not as successful as I'd like to be) when I did not practice the principle.  I think this book contains the real SECRET that every human being should live by.  Truly life-changing!" — Melanie Anton, Santa Barbara, California

"It works every time without fail !!!"

"Carnelian Sage puts her finger on several of the flaws in Law of Attraction teaching that have bothered me for some time, when she reveals the 5 myths and dangers behind the so-called Law of Attraction.  More importantly, however, she reveals the true spiritual principle that does work every time without fail.  The Love's Pathway exercise is phenomenal.  Already I have seen positive effects of my doing this exercise in my relationship with my teenage son.  This little book needs to be read and digested by everyone who has read The Secret and other Law of Attraction books, as both a corrective and a crucial supplement." Diane Eble, Book Publishing Coach,, Winfield, IL

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"A must-have and a must-read book"

"When I was first introduced to The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World I was a bit skeptical.  I thought at first the author was someone who possibly was trying to piggy-back off of the success of The Secret.  But I was intrigued enough to start reading the first chapter of this so-called 'missing secret' book.  I must admit I walked in as a skeptic but walked out a true believer.  I found myself personally agreeing with a lot of the different key points and in the end actually seeing what was missing in making a true connection with how the Law of Attraction is supposed to work and how it really works.  Newfound light and newfound spirit is what I personally received from this amazing book.  It not only assisted me in manifestation but it also assisted me in so many other parts of my personal life.  A must- have, a must-read, and a must for anyone who really wants to experience change and not just another empty level of self-help."  Everett N., Los Angeles, California

"An inspiring book that will stun you!"

"I've long been a seeker of deeper spiritual wisdom.  I found quantum physics fascinating, and the Law of Attraction compelling, but I knew deep inside that there was something missing that wasn't enabling me to manifest my heart's desires.  The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World offered a refreshing approach to the Law of Attraction, and I was quickly entranced by the powerful spiritual concepts it contained.  Among the things I learned from reading the book was how the author, Carnelian Sage, suffered through financial struggles and a 4-year career 'meltdown'  even while practicing everything she had previously learned about the Law of Attraction.  It was through her time of despair that she accidentally discovered `the greatest manifestation principle in the world' and she offered compelling evidence that it, indeed, was the secret to entering the realm of miracles.  Within the past 5 months of putting this principle into practice myself, I've already seen desires manifesting into existence in my life.  I can't recommend this wonderful little book enough!  You'll be inspired at a level that will stun you.  It reveals a truth, and a technique for rediscovering that truth for your life. You'll smile over its simplicity, and be an important step closer to the `knowing' you desire, the `knowing' that connects ALL of us.  THIS, my friend, is what really works!"  Tim Genster, Trumbull, Connecticut

"Finally ... a manifestation book without the
Fairy Godmother approach!  I highly recommend it."

"I read The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World last night in one sitting.  I couldn't put it down.  Having watched The Secret video and read books about turning thoughts into things, all the way back to Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, I'm fairly familiar with the subject of manifestation, although I must admit I have not researched it to the degree that Carnelian Sage has.  Like the author, I have found myself uncomfortable with the Fairy Godmother approach to manifestation that the other books have suggested.  I found this book to be refreshing because, among other things, it points to divinity (or God) as the actual source of all things, and we human beings are co-creators. 

"Most specifically, I thoroughly enjoyed the aspect that I find often missing in so many of the other manifestation books, namely the idea of virtue.  Although the author did not mention the word specifically, she alluded to it in many ways.  After having practiced focusing on material things so often in the past, I became tired of it because what I really wanted had less to do with money and materialistic ideals and more to do with things I deeply love -- like people and God.  I agree wholeheartedly with the concept presented in the book, which says that only when we step outside ourselves and our selfish interests do we really manifest our heart's desires and become truly blessed.  I highly recommend this book!" -- Bob Grant, Acworth, Georgia

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"Makes Your Life Richer and More Beautiful"

"The Law of Attraction finally makes sense.  Carnelian Sage’s insights in The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World give meaning and control to a practice that was formless and unpredictable.  I’ve always wanted to believe in the Law of Attraction, and occasionally The Law has seemed to work for me.  After reading The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World, I understand why.  Even if you’ve read the other books, watched the DVD, and followed the TV shows, you need to read this book.  If you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, Sage’s beautifully written book still suggests ways to make your life richer and more beautiful.  The Love’s Pathway exercise alone makes the book a must-have Rebecca Nelson, Chicago, Illinois

"Rocked my world!"

"The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World rocked my world.  I had already
experienced some of those teachings, from Spirit.  Reading them, and the way you put
them into words, was very profound.  Yes, Love is everything!!!" 
Catherine W., Springville, Utah

“Mind blown!”

“If you never pick up and read another book in your entire life, read this one first! This book is not only very well written, but the theme of the book creates an awareness in you that few people completely understand or have mastered up until now. This book delivers and is very satisfying and very instrumental in making powerful mind shifts to those who read it and apply it's beautiful teachings and lessons.” — Elizabeth, Verified Purchaser of The Greatest Manifestation Principle book

"The best book I've read about
the Law of Attraction"

"I'm positively stoked!  I read this slim volume, The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World, in one evening, and was convinced this MUST be the ultimate secret to life.  I'm also convinced that when people learn how to apply the manifestation principle in their day-to-day existence, it has a transforming effect on their life and the lives of those around them.  And to think it is such an obvious principle, just waiting to be discovered.  Just goes to show that we humans like to complicate things that are meant to be simple  and we go off searching for the magic fairy dust when the real magic is within us all along!  This is the best book I've read about the Law of Attraction.  I know without a doubt it will help me get what I really want in life."  Avery Tierney, Detroit, Michigan

"A deeply profound and insightful book
-- my new favorite!!!"

"The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World is a must-read for anyone who has been misled by The Secret DVD and book.  This beautifully written, deeply profound and insightful jewel of a book reveals the missing information heretofore unexplained about the Law of Attraction.  It's not only a real page turner, but it's a life-changing book that I intend to read all the time for inspiration.  You'll want to buy a copy for everyone you love Angela I., Long Island City, New York

"This book is by far the BEST manifestation book ... this is the missing piece"

"I have read so many other manifestation books, 'The Secret,' "Think and Grow Rich,' Florence Scovill Schinn and other authors -- and this book is by far the best.  It explains in easy to use ways exactly how to connect to the universe and FEEL what it is we want to help us bring it into our lives.  I also felt this was the missing piece, feeling love then gratitude and letting it surround you and encompass your life, both internally and externally.  I highly recommend this book to anyone  it is far superior and gives us what the others miss."  J. Anton, Desert Hot Springs, California

"Will read this little treasure over and over ..."

"This little book is the most honest and simple book on manifesting that I've read since this movement began.  After reading it, I felt that I had finally come to the truth of the matter and would not need to read another book on this subject.  My search is finally over.  I found this little treasure and will read it over and over until my subconscious mind finally gets it." — Yves, Verified Purchaser of The Greatest Manifestation Principle book

“I’ve read them all and this one is the best!”

“I have read every author imaginable when it comes to manifestation even ‘The Secret’.  I have also traveled the world and have opened my mind & heart completely to a spiritual life but still something has been missing.  For 20 years I have been on a path of growth and enlightenment and if there is a course, author or practice that helps, I have tried it!  Recently I started my own company, The 180 Degree Life, where the focus is on positive change and this little book has helped me in more ways than I can write here. 

"In a materialistic world we get caught up in our egos and it is difficult to understand when something goes wrong in our lives when we are doing all the right things.  I read one review that said this book was like The Secret but with a spiritual spin.  I actually believe this book is the opposite of The Secret as it requires you to transcend your ego where The Secret is actually asking you to engage it by controlling your thoughts.  I have studied meditation and non-attachment is the way to go for overall health and happiness.  Once the ego is in its right place and our hearts are leading the way, nothing can stop us.  Unfortunately, books like The Secret are a dead end, where this one is the path and the way to true fulfillment.  I will read this book over and over again. 

"Just in a short time it has made a profound difference.  My husband and my closest friends have all seen a change in me.  A shift toward a calmer and more loving presence.” — Lyn Patrick, Verified Purchaser of The Greatest Manifestation Principle book

"Truly Amazing!"

"The author is a person of deep spiritual awareness.  She was able to transcend the multitude of other authors involved in their writings concerning the levels of consciousness.  I love this book because of the simplicity in which the author presents and explains the steps involved in attaining the goal of coupling the law of attraction with the "hidden truth" which will then allow one to connect to the "energy field" which enables one to remove the obstacles (wrong beliefs etc...) into the awareness of love's presence within one's self....Truly Amazing!" — Thomas C. Breggia, Verified Purchaser of The Greatest Manifestation Principle book


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